Ikebukuro station 1 minute walk,
Open until 23:00

Let's get started boxing Immunity to boost!Let's get started boxing Immunity to boost!

If you feel free to start boxing, now is your
chance !!

50% discount on admission fee
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FACILITIESEquipment introduction

Single end ball
Double end ball
Exercise bike
Abdominal muscle space
Men's changing room
Men shower
Women's changing room
Women's shower
Women's dresser
Bright room
floor map
Implementation of coronavirus infection control measuresImplementation of coronavirus infection control measures


〒171-00211-18-1 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Goko Building 4F

weekdayFrom 11:00 to 23:00
Saturdays and
public holidays
From 11:00 to 21:00
closing daySunday ・ New Year holidays


JR Yamanote Line / Saikyo Line, Tobu Tojo Line, Seibu Ikebukuro Line,
1 minute walk from "Ikebukuro Station West Exit" on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Yurakucho Line, Fukutoshin Line, Shonan Shinjuku Line


Let's get started Boxing, let's improve immunity! It is a boxing gym that anyone can enjoy with a slogan of fitness. Boxing Club Ikebukuro does not train professional boxers. It is a boxing gym for the general public. We strive to create an environment where members can concentrate on training with peace of mind. We will meet the various needs of everyone, such as boosting immunity, relieving stress, relieving lack of exercise, dieting, improving physical strength, and those who want to start boxing in earnest as a sport.

The trainers of each club who support you are keeping in mind the balance of "technology and service". In addition to technical boxing coaching, we also consider services such as greetings, language usage, grooming and etiquette.
* The trainer has a former champion experience, and we will provide full-scale technical guidance based on the experience cultivated over a long career.

In addition, we strive to create a clean and hygienic environment so that our members can comfortably train, and we thoroughly carry out daily cleaning.
We bring you energy through boxing!

The characteristic of Boxing Club Ikebukuro is that the room is very bright and open because there are many windows. A boxing gym where you can comfortably train in a spacious space.
Access is a 1-minute walk from the west exit of Ikebukuro Station, and there is a Bic Camera in front of you.
It is a boxing gym where you can easily go to work or school at any time for a change of pace while shopping.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Boxing Club Ikebukuro staff.


You can choose from three courses to suit your purpose and needs.
Feel free to start full-scale boxing like an athlete as a sport, with a sense of fitness!
Please choose according to your purpose.
Please use the boxing club for improving immunity, health management, relieving lack of exercise, dieting, stress relief, etc.!


Admission fee(tax included)
¥ 19,800

¥ 9,900

Immunity UP campaign !!
50% discountapplied
Monthly membership fee
(tax included)
(up to elementary and junior high school students)
¥ 11,000
woman¥ 11,000
General¥ 13,200

What you need at the time of enrollment

  • Identification card (license, health insurance card, student ID, etc.)
  • Admission fee and current month membership fee (daily calculation)
  • Cash card (Bank debit from the next month)

Regarding the admission fee and this month's membership fee, we also handle various credit cards and electronic money.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not accept people with tattoos (including tattoos) regardless of size. Thank you for your understanding.

Various credit cards and electronic money

What you need when practicing

  • Training wear (T-shirts (gifts), trainers, trousers, shorts, etc. suitable for training)
  • Towel (gift)
  • Shoes (sneakers for indoor use)
  • Bandage (gift)
  • Sports mask (gift)
  • Gloves (gifts)

We are giving you a set of 5 starting points.

1. Gloves 2. Bandage or Quick Bandage 
3. Towel 4. Tote bag 5. Sports mask

Get a boxing start set! AED installation
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