One day experience in progress

Experience is a complete reservation system

If you would like to experience it, please make a reservation in advance using various reservation forms.
The trainer will support you and give you guidance, so even beginners can rest assured.
A one-day experience of 3,300 yen (tax included) is required. (Including vantage fee)

* If you enroll on the day of the experience, we will cash back the experience fee of 3,300 yen.

If the desired date and time is crowded, we may ask you to change the date or time.
In addition, the experience is limited to once per person.

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Experience menu

The experience takes 1 hour (1R 3 minutes).
1.Greetings at the beginning of practice
Greeting them cheerfully will turn them on for training! Greetings at the beginning of practice
2.Dynamic stretching [about 5 minutes]
Dynamic stretching is a type of stretching that stimulates the muscles by moving the body, increasing the range of motion of the joints and increasing flexibility. Dynamic stretching
3.Shadow boxing [2~3R]
We will carefully teach you everything from how to hold your stance to how to throw a punch.
Do this with your trainer while checking your form in front of a mirror. Shadow boxing
4.Mitt hitting [2R]
Aim for the trainer's mitt and punch as hard as you can!
Training is done at an individual's own pace, so even beginners can have fun training without getting injured. Mitt hitting
5.Sandbag hitting [3R]
By punching into a sandbag, you can expect various effects such as tightening the upper arm and eliminating stiff shoulders. Sandbag hitting
6.Hand mitt[1R]
Relax and punch rhythmically to relieve stress and feel refreshed!
The trainer will match the tempo so that even beginners can do it. Hand mitt
7.Skipping rope[1R]
It's not only good for dieting and improving cardiopulmonary function, but also training for developing a sense of rhythm. Skipping rope
8.strength training
Proper form will increase the effectiveness of your training. Our trainers will teach you menus that even beginners can follow. strength training
9.static stretching
It has the effect of increasing flexibility and expanding range of motion. It will also help prevent muscle soreness the next day. static stretching

What you need for the experience

  • Training wear (T-shirts, trainers, trepans, shorts, etc. suitable for training)
  • towel
  • Shoes (sneakers for indoor use)
* We are very sorry, but we do not accept people with tattoos (including tattoos) regardless of size. Thank you for your understanding.

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