You can choose from three courses to suit your purpose and needs.
Feel free to start full-scale boxing like an athlete as a sport, with a sense of fitness!
Please choose according to your purpose.
Please use the boxing club for improving immunity, health management, relieving lack of exercise, dieting, stress relief, etc.!

Various reservation forms
Now for all members Original
gloves, bandages, Give away a quick bandage

Present contents

We will give you the following 3 items.

Immunity UP campaign !! Various reservation forms
Immunity UP campaign !!Immunity UP campaign !!
One day experience in progress


weekday From 11:00 to 23:00
Saturdays and
public holidays
From 11:00 to 21:00
closing day Sunday ・ New Year holidays


Admission fee
¥10,000 (11,000 yen including tax)
Monthly membership fee
General ¥13,000 (14,300 yen including tax)
(up to elementary and junior high school students)
¥11,000 (12,100 yen including tax)

Personal locker
1 month 2,000yen(2,200 yen including tax)

What you need at the time of enrollment

  • Identification card (license, health insurance card, student ID, etc.)
  • Admission fee and current month membership fee (daily calculation)
  • Cash card (Bank debit from the next month)

Regarding the admission fee and this month's membership fee, we also handle various credit cards and electronic money.

If you have a tattoo, please make sure that it is not visible to other members. However, depending on the size and treatment location, we may refuse your request, so please consult our staff in advance for details.

Various credit cards and electronic money

What you need when practicing

  • Training wear (T-shirts (gifts), trainers, trousers, shorts, etc. suitable for training)
  • Towel (gift)
  • Shoes (sneakers for indoor use)
  • Bandage (gift)
  • Gloves (gifts)
Various reservation forms
One day experience in progress

Hygiene measures taken by boxing clubs

In order to ensure that our members can use our facilities comfortably,
At BOXING CLUB, we will implement hygiene measures and provide services as follows.

Measures implemented by BOXING CLUB

Free distribution of gloves

Free distribution of gloves

New members will receive boxing gloves as a starter set.
For those who do not have their own gloves, new gloves will be distributed free of charge to everyone. Please feel free to contact us.


Implementation of disinfection and temperature measurement

Sandbags and other training equipment are regularly disinfected with hypochlorous acid and paper.

Thorough ventilation

Thorough ventilation

Regarding ventilation, we use circulators and sealing fans to constantly replace the air.



Each club has the following items, so please do not hesitate to ask if you need them.
・Oral rehydration solution
・Ice Non
・Salt tablet
・Oxygen spray

AED installation